As well as providing specialised services for people affected by family violence, SHE is an advocate against family violence and all violence against women. We recognise that community change will not come about without clear messages, education and opportunities for growth.

SHE takes part in many advocacy activities, including:

  • Speaking out in the community via media interviews and keynote addresses
  • Contributing to research on family violence in Tasmania
  • Engaging in government processes (for example, through policy submissions)
  • Attending events such as White Ribbon Day,  International Women’s Day, Child Protection Week
  • Hosting events to raise awareness of family violence in Tasmania
  • Delivering training and workshops for the public, parents, schools, businesses, community organisations, and other groups (for more information, see our services page)
  • Being an active member of key advisory boards and networks

For information about media interviews or keynote addresses, please contact the Executive Officer directly on 0438 788 291. If you would like someone at SHE to deliver training or participate in an event, please contact:

Hobart:  6278 9090 or email

Launceston: 0428 162 216 or email

North West Coast: 0428 057 415 or email