Established in 1989, Support Help Empowerment (SHE) is a leading non-government organisation supporting people who have experienced family violence. We are a dynamic and evolving professional feminist organisation with philosophies, practice and resources based on current research. We work towards the elimination of abuse and violence by providing an integrated response to family violence.

We support people, families, and communities impacted by family violence by delivering services that include specialised counselling, therapeutic groups, and community education (including training for community groups, organisations, and service providers).

For real community change in family violence, we need clear messages, education and opportunities for growth. To find out more about how SHE is adding to the conversation about family violence in Tasmania, you can read about the advocacy and awareness raising work that we do, or browse through some examples of our resources, research, and policy responses.

We are a state wide organisation, located in Hobart, Launceston, and North West Tasmania. We also offer telephone and online services as needed. If you want to know more about whether we can help you, please read through our Frequently Asked Questions, or contact us.